Broken-Pipe IRC Network

5 real users and counting...


Welcome to the official website for the Broken-Pipe IRC Network.

Support the Network

If you like Broken-Pipe, and would like to see it last forever and ever, please support us. Maintaining a network like this is not free. We pay for it out of our own pockets so you'll have a place to do whatever it is you do. All we ask in return is you help us advertise, and keep the peace. Pretty simple right? :D


mIRC is the most robust and most popular IRC client to date. It's what we'd recommend anyone wanting to free themselves from the shackles of Java chat to use. Here are some links to help you along, if you're not sure what to do.

Get Involved

Hop on, register a name, register a channel, and tell your friends. Be a part of the network and watch it grow!

Running an IRC network is not free, you can help by donating. If you like Broken-Pipe and would like to contribute, click the button below to donate money to help cover our operating costs.