Broken-Pipe IRC Network

5 real users and counting...

Broken-Pipe Linking Guidelines

These guidlines will help you in deciding if you want to link with us or not.

1. Broken-Pipe operates Anope IRC Services. We will not let you operate your own services or attempt to migrate any data from your existing services. You will be required to re-register any channgels and/or nicknames.
2. You may only link as leaf unless you get permission from us.
3. If granted permission to run a hub, you must also get permission to add any and all links.
4. You are required to compile with SSL and Ziplink support.
5. We have some modules for Unreal that you will be required to run and others that are preferred but not required.
6. Initially, you will only be granted OPER level access to Anope until a time comes when we deem it necessary for you to have higher access.

If you do not agree with any of these terms, then you may be better off linking to another network.